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Büro:   NewUrban
Anrede:   Herrn
Vorname:   Bouwer Daniel
Name:   Serfontein
Adresse:   109 Heritage House 20 Dreyer Street
Ort:   7700 Cape Town
Land:   Südafrika
Telefon:   0027828877705
Kontakt - Land:   Südafrika
Projekt 1:   Refilwe Urban Upgrade, small business node. City Of Tshwane
Baujahr 1:   2016
Bemerkung 1:   The Refilwe nodal transformation forms part of an urban network of upgrades supported by the Neighbourhood Development Partnerships Grant, National Treasury, in the Metsweding area, City of Tshwane. A small, humble urban intervention, this upgrade is an example of a local community taking great pride in the renewal of public space.
Projekt 2:   House Willemse. Cape Town, Western Cape
Baujahr 2:   2018
Bemerkung 2:   The development comprised a house, art gallery, artist studios and a cottage, spread over 3 erven. The aim of the project was to stay within the Riebeek Kasteel vernacular of strong simple volumes with wide verandahs and high volumes to deal with the hot and dry climate. A minimalist palate of brick, stone and corrugated sheet cladding was used.
Projekt 3:   Restoration and Refurbishment of the National Council of Provinces,Parliament
Baujahr 3:   2017-current
Bemerkung 3:   The project entails a comprehensive refurbishment and repair of the NCOP building, including HVAC, electrical & electronic installations. The National Council of Provinces site (NCOP) exhibits a virtue which is seldom found among historical places in South Africa, it is reflected in the inherent connectivity between the site and the history of the country. This connectivity is a relationship which spans from the arrival of van Riebeeck to present day democracy. More importantly, the story of the site is an ongoing narrative, as it continues to play a significant role in the journey of the rainbow nation and thereby contribute to the story of South Africa.
Projekt 4:   Scottsdene Integrated Housing, Building for Urban Change
Baujahr 4:   2017-current
Bemerkung 4:   Urban and social sustainability are of great concern because they have been virtually ignored in current programmes and designs to re-imagine housing for the City of Cape Town. For urban development and housing could become the catalysts for an end to poverty, exploitation, segregation, inadequate housing, congestions, ugliness and homelessness within the city.