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Büro:   EGS-plan (Bangkok) Co., Ltd.
Anrede:   Herrn
Vorname:   Robert
Name:   Himmler
Adresse:   44 Srijulsup Building, Rama 1 Road
Ort:   10330 Bangkok
Land:   Thailand
Kontakt - Land:   Thailand
Projekt 1:   Pruksa+, Bangkok, Thailand
Baujahr 1:   2017
Bemerkung 1:   The Pruksa+ house is a single-family house which was designed for one of Thailand's biggest real estate developer Pruksa to be a pilot project with outstanding sustainability and an innovative energy concept. It comprises many sustainability features such as ecological and healthy building materials, excellent thermal comfort and air quality, reduced water consumption, handicapped accessibility and a flexible media infrastructure like a grand number of receptacles and internet connections. The core of the building concept is the energy concept which consists of a cost optimized combination of passive energy efficiency measures such as an external shading of the facade, thermal insulation of the roof and walls, double glazing and insulated window frames as well as a consequent air-tightness concept of the building envelope. On part of active measures a 5 kWP photovoltaic system covers a significant part of the energy consumption in combination with a small chiller and an ice storage system. For its outstanding energy and sustainability concept, the building was awarded as the first building in South-East Asia with a DGNB Platinum certificate.
Projekt 2:   Pandora PPT2, Lamphun, Thailand
Baujahr 2:   2016
Bemerkung 2:   One of the world’s largest producers of fine jewelry, PANDORA, with its headquarters situated in Denmark and existing production facilities in Samut Prakarn (Thailand), has built a modern, one-of-a-kind factory in Lamphun (northern Thailand). The energy concept of the project focuses on reducing the cooling load by applying external shading and thermal insulation. An innovative fresh air ventilation system with energy recovery supplies fresh air to the more than 3500 workers. LED lighting provides sufficient and glare free light to the work places. A 1 MWp photovoltaic system covers a part of the energy demand of the building, so that the factory consumes 18 % less electricity than a conventional factory. With careful selection of indoor water fixtures and a specially-designed water management system, this facility can reduce water consumption by 45%. Around 30 % of the facility’s construction materials are made of recycled content and 75% of the project’s construction waste was diverted to recycling facilities. For its innovative sustainable design, the Pandora factory was awarded with a LEED Gold certification.
Projekt 3:   New Grohe Factory, Klaeng, Thailand
Baujahr 3:   2017
Bemerkung 3:   The new Grohe Zinc Die Casting Factory Project is a detached extension building on the Grohe Siam industrial real estate in Klaeng, Rayong, Thailand. To show Grohe's commitment to sustainability, the management decided to strive for a silver certification according to the German Sustainable Building Council DGNB. Therefore, Grohe has contracted EGS-plan to develop a sustainability concept for the 14.800 m2 building. Main goal of the concept is to achieve a good balance between the ecologic, economic and socio-cultural quality of the building. To achieve a sufficient thermal comfort in the non-air-conditioned production area the climate concept comprises thermal insulation in the roof to reduce long wave radiation, enhanced natural ventilation and a balanced window-to-wall ratio. Further sustainability features are a ecological water concept, green resting areas in and outside the building and a 1200 kWp photovoltaic system. The sustainability concept of the new Grohe Zinc Die Casting Factory is unique in Thailand and is the first DGNB certified factory building in South-East Asia.