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Büro:   Kunzemann Architekten
Anrede:   Herrn
Vorname:   Jürgen
Name:   Kunzemann
Ort:   79012 Freiburg
Land:   Deutschland
Telefon:   +49(761) 1378606
Kontakt - Land:   Japan
Projekt 1:   Nogeyama Zoo, Yokohama
Baujahr 1:   2001
Bemerkung 1:   Architect: Workstation ( The project encompasses two parts: a playground for children and small animals, and a rest house, both located at the Nogeyama Doubutsuen in Yokohama. Jürgen Kunzemann joined the project team responsible for the realisation of the project.
Projekt 2:   Shinonome Block E
Baujahr 2:   2002
Bemerkung 2:   Architect: Workstation ( Shinonome Housing is a new residential and commercial area in Koto-ku, Tokyo. Block E provides space for 320 apartments, it\\\\\\\'s total floor area is about 31.400m2. Jürgen Kunzemann joined the projec
Projekt 3:   Tono Frontier Science Research City
Baujahr 3:   2002
Bemerkung 3:   Architect: S & K Architects 2nd prize in international competition Master plan for a new city in Gifu, Japan Total site area: 200ha Published in the South Korean \\\\\\\"bob - international magazine of space design\\\\\\\" No 24