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company:   Allianss Architects
title:   Frau
Prename:   Inga
Name:   Raukas
address:   Rävala 8
city:   10143 Tallinn
country:   Estland (Reval)
telephone:   +372.627.9250
contact - country:   Estland (Reval)
project 1:   Hilton Park Hotel Tallinn
year of constr. 1:   2016
comment 1:   Tallinn Entrepreneurship Award 2016 in the categories of Best Development Project and Best Tourism Deed
project 2:   Spa Hotel Hedon in Pärnu
year of constr. 2:   2011
comment 2:   Awards: MIPIM 2015 finalist in Cannes Estonian Association of Interior Architects 2014/2015 Award for the Best Public Interior
project 3:   Holiday Village in Norway
year of constr. 3:   2011
comment 3:   Location: Vamrak, Norway
project 4:   Tallink Spa and Conference Hotel
year of constr. 4:   2007
comment 4:   Size: 23 000 squaremeters.