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company:   KOKO Architects
title:   Herrn
Prename:   Andrus
Name:   Kõresaar
address:   Tartu mnt 84A
city:   10112 Tallinn
country:   Estland (Reval)
contact - country:   Estland (Reval)
project 1:   Exhibition design for Lace Museum in Plauen
year of constr. 1:   2020
comment 1:   Exhibition design for the World of Lace Location: Plauen, Germany Client: City of Plauen Competition: 2017, 1st place To be completed: 2020 Size: 1,000 m2
project 2:   Seaplane Harbour reconstruction and exhibition design
year of constr. 2:   2012
comment 2:   A symbiosis of engineering and marine history Location: Tallinn, Estonia Client: Estonian Maritime Museum Open architecture competition: 2009, 1st prize Completed: 2012 Size: 8,000 m2
project 3:   Skapet lodges in Norway
year of constr. 3:   2016
comment 3:   Modern weather-proof lodges on the Rogaland hiking trail Location: Soddatjørn, Norway Client: Stavanger Turistforening Commission: 2013 Completed: 2016 Size: 350 m2
project 4:   Reconstruction of Rotermanni Grain Elevator
year of constr. 4:   2016
comment 4:   Office building in a grain elevator with landscapes from Tarkovsky’s “Stalker” Location: Tallinn, Estonia Client: Rotermann City OÜ Commission: 2007 Completed: 2016 Size: 5,600 m2