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company:   KAN Architekten
title:   Herrn
Prename:   Kan
Name:   Kan Li
address:   Miaoling Road No.52,R1308
city:   266000 Qing dao
country:   China, Volksrepublik
telephone:   18562873195
contact - country:   China, Volksrepublik
project 1:   The baise concept planning and design qualification for the Baidong valley in Baise City
year of constr. 1:   2016
comment 1:   According to the design principle of eco-city, retain the natural landscape, pay attention to slow traffic construction. The east new district as the baise town in the future will realize dynamic, efficient, pleasant, personality, and mixed structure, polycentric development of new type of ecological city. In addition to the core landscape, there are park, beach, snow world, and tourism culture commercial block.
project 2:   Zhuzhou Xiangjiang river sight along the urban design(stone mountain park section)
year of constr. 2:   2013
comment 2:   Waterfront urban design use a variety of means of urban design, establish the characteristics and protect the nature of the urban waterfront development strategy of Xiangjiang River, deepen the city planning of the Zhuzhou´╝îImprove the the adjustment of land use and traffic organization of waterfront area, establish a good relationship between city and water environment´╝îcreate a viable and beautiful waterfront city environment which reflect history cultural context and urban characteristics of Zhuzhou and the Xiangjiang River and show the image of city landmark.
project 3:   Qingdao Guangshui road elementary school planning and construction engineering design
year of constr. 3:   2015
comment 3:   The planning block is located in Qingdao licang district west coastal areas. It is located in the north temperate monsoon zone, belongs to the temperate monsoon climate, slightly with maritime climate characteristics. Primary school is located in ecological residential and commercial district, the project is in the service of education demand of more than 10000 households, create a harmonious school environment, and radiation surrounding within 500m of the residential area.
project 4:   Zhangjiakou garden international environmental wisdom industrial park
year of constr. 4:   2016
comment 4:   It covers a Planning and construction land area of 254190 square meters, the transportation is convenient, location advantages is obviously, the region has rich natural resources and beautiful scenery.According to development needs, gather the green production, the introduction of the advanced science and technology park ecosystem structure, the wisdom of the leading environmental protection, to build high quality new industrial park.