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company:   Markus Preller - scapework
title:   Herrn
Prename:   Markus
Name:   Preller
address:   Zeughauser Str. 18
city:   08262 Muldenhammer
country:   Deutschland
contact - country:   Ägypten
project 1:   Sekem Amphitheatre Canopy
year of constr. 1:   2002
comment 1:   design, construction and site supervision of a shodow roof on an amphitheatre, approx 1500 sqm covered surface over ground, steel wire rope structure, cotton membrane
project 2:   Heliopolis University Cairo
year of constr. 2:   2004-2012
comment 2:   Phase I (2004 - 2006): concept design, master plan, urban planning, climate concept and architectural design for the existing project plot in Cairo, Egypt / Phase II (2007 - 2009): Architectural and structural design, master builder and site supervisor for entrance shell structure, faculty buildings and external works / Phase III (2012): finalization and equipping of Faculty Buildings and workshops with all required machinery, laboratories, furniture, HVAC, fire fighting systems, lighting, IT network; complete landscaping (area approx. 20.000 m); successful launch/opening of university.
project 3:   New and Improved Learning Environment NILE
year of constr. 3:   2013 - 2017 (ongoing)
comment 3:   KfW funded school construction and capacity building project; client: MoE / GAEB; Full project management incl fund management, tender, contract and claim management for school furniture and equipment and Active Learning training for 148 schools in the governorates of Fayoum, Minya, Assiut and Qena in Egypt, professional skill enhancement courses for approx. 1,500 employees of GAEB and MoE.
project 4:   Quality Education Support Programme I&II
year of constr. 4:   2013 - 2020 (ongoing)
comment 4:   KfW funded school construction and capacity building project; client: GOPA for MoE/GAEB; Team leading and overall project management for the design and construction of 70 fully-functional and child-centered schools in Assiut and Sohag, as well as 20 schools in Sharqiya Gov., Egypt.