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company:   OIA (Office for Interior & Architecture)
title:   Mr.
Prename:   Elmar
Name:   Kleiner
address:   246/84 Jomtien Beach Road
city:   20150 Chonburi
country:   Thailand
telephone:   + 66 (0) 8 40 20 62 10
contact - country:   Thailand
project 1:   PANDORA in Lamphun
year of constr. 1:   2015
comment 1:   IDEA, MASTER PLAN, ARCHITECTURE, EXTERIOR & INTERIOR DESIGN, 32.000 m2 State-of-the-art industrial lifestyle compound fashioned after the infamous companys beaded bracelet that houses large-scale production facilities, gem-like buildings and aerodynamic units under a large elliptic shading roof amid lush of cooling greenery and water features.
project 2:   Häfele Design Center Phuket
year of constr. 2:   2008 - 2010
comment 2:   general planing & consulting, architectural, interior design services (16.000m2)
project 3:   Villa 4F
year of constr. 3:   2009 - 2011
comment 3:   privat residence. complete architectural and interior design service (1.600m2)
project 4:   GREEN CASCADE DEVELOPMENT in Sattahip
year of constr. 4:   2013
comment 4:   IDEA, MASTER PLAN, ARCHITECTURE, EXTERIOR & INTERIOR DESIGN, 38.000 m2 Large scale green residential & holiday commune with fully integrated sustainable concepts, based on the use of wind and water, energy efficient technology and solar energy with EMISSION FREE TRANSPORT.